About us


Developing her services on a foundation of transparency and a whole lot of passion,
Jillian is a powerhouse holistic massage therapist who enjoys every moment of helping
others unlock new levels of health and wellness prosperity. As a licensed massage and
nutritional therapist at Holistic Country, Jillian has an extensive background in whole
bodywork optimization, inner activation, and the power of natural medicines, all of which
position her clients to gain the restorative, full-body therapeutic experiences they deserve.

Born in the heart of Brooklyn NY, it didn't take long for Jillian to recognize just how
taxing and disconnecting the rush of life truly was. After getting slightly frustrated
with her own physical and spiritual disconnects, it ultimately sent Jillian and her fiancé
down a transformational awakening path after their second son was born in 2012. From farmers'
market shopping to switching to nontoxic products, Jillian ended up falling in love with the
holistic lifestyle and how it was able to touch all physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects
her family needed to thrive.

With this newfound discovery, Jillian and her family hightailed it to the Pacific Northwest in
2015 to feed their calmer and greener lifestyle. While on a holistic roll, Jillian began studying
at East West College of the Healing Arts, taking on an 800-hour program to master the intricacies
of physical healing of massage therapy. Since then, Jillian has intertwined her nutritional modalities,
holistic massage training, and organically sourced CBD products to not only meet full-body healing
expectations, but exceed them for every person who comes through their doors.

Overall, nothing makes Jillian happier than helping others gain superior healing results,
all while ensuring they have the most tranquil (and fun!) experience along the way. She undeniably
loves what she does and demonstrates that through her evidence-based methods that solve issues at
their core rather than just remediate symptoms. This, along with her warming nature and motivating
energy is what led Jillian to become the qualified holistic asset she is today – one who continuously
strives to help others become the best versions of themselves that they can possibly be.

Jillian wholeheartedly enjoys what she does and is always seeking ways to help her clients achieve
that next level within their lives. However, she is not working, you can often find her reading,
sketching, and dancing!